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Most frequent questions and answers

Hail damage is always worth getting repaired! Not only does affect the way your car looks it also massively affects the value of you vehicle when you come to sell or trade.


In short No! Hail damage is classed as an act of God and will not affect your individual premuim just like a no fault claim.


This varies upon the damage and also how long it takes the insurance company to come and assess and approve the repairs. However, we typically say between 5-10 days on average. We keep you updated every step of the way.


Yes! Typically insurance companies prefer dealing directly with the body shop. This saves time, money and ultimately ensures the customer the most efficient results. 


Yes! We know whether it’s a fender bender or extensive hail damage. Damage to your vehicle can be a hassle. We offer complimentary concierge service! This eliminates stress and saves time.


Our free rental option provides you with wheels while your vehicle is being repaired. This applies to all hail damage repairs and the majority of collisions. Find out today if you qualify!


We guarantee and provide life time warranties on all our work. So rest assured you are in the best hands!


We always prefer to use OEM parts as the quality is  highest. However, this is determined by the you and the insurance company.